Integrity, Honesty and Trust

The E.E. Reed approach to business is built on the same values that formed the foundation of our company more than four decades ago.

Exceptional Standards of Quality, Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness

At E.E. Reed, our chief responsibilities address planning, monitoring and management of each phase of construction to consistently assure the highest standards of quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The process begins by providing competitive, accurate costs and is realized through timely delivery of a quality project.

Negotiated Work Defines the Majority of Our Projects

A significant portion of E.E. Reed’s projects are conducted on a negotiated basis. Upon establishment of a budget, we work closely with the client and design team to complete the project within an optimal cost and scheduling framework. As design and construction progresses, the client has the opportunity to review costs and oversee critical decisions.

One Point of Contact; a Single Source of Responsibility

From project conception to completion, a highly skilled and experienced E.E. Reed project manager serves as a client’s singular touch point. This project manager is both liaison and internal director of our processes. The result is optimal control, communication and accountability. Most important, this approach to project management provides E.E. Reed’s client with direct access to the key decision maker responsible for monitoring costs, timelines and quality throughout a project’s entire lifecycle.

An Intelligent Approach to Construction

State-of-the-art computer-assisted estimating, scheduling, information and cost-management systems help ensure that E.E. Reed preserves an accurate, up-to-date picture of project costs and timelines. These systems are critical for the management of construction changes, clarifications, costs, cash flow, materials expediting and schedules. Perhaps most important, our highly skilled and educated professionals possess levels of intelligence and experience that quite often exceed the bounds of technology. It is through their expertise that projects truly prove to be exceptional.