Suez: Innovation in Technology

Suez Labs Commits to Houston

To serve its growing client base, SUEZ is now operating one of the world’s largest, most advanced analytical laboratories in North America. The new, world-class lab facility is a commitment that SUEZ is making to the ever-growing oil and gas industry and to its customers. The laboratory processes 100,000 samples and conducts more than 300 customer studies each year.

Solving Tough O&G Challenges

The lab supports research and development for the oil and gas industry conducting a range of services including water analytical testing, scale and corrosion deposits, testing, metallurgical analysis, corrosion coupon testing, and fuel oil analyses. The lab offers customized experimental simulations that closely mimic field environments, helping the industry solve some of its toughest challenges quickly. The facility was developed with an emphasis on increased safety and environmental design concepts to deliver state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure and training facilities for engineers and scientists who are developing and supporting new chemical and monitoring technologies.

Client Benefit

The Owner moved their operations from a building built in the late 70’s that had not kept pace with the changing science and processes the client employed. The building’s interior had been broken up over time with a maze of interior walls and spaces that were disjointed with no access to natural light and views. Daylighting and connectivity to views had to be an important driver in the design and planning of the new facility. A clear and consistent sectional diagram of administrative lab tech workstations, open lab, lab support and service corridor provide an efficient and safe work environment for the lab technicians and scientists. The facility is more efficient for processing samples and has a pleasant work environment for staff. Productivity and retention are being impacted and the building is a showcase for the client’s best practices and is a recruitment tool to bring in new talent.

Laboratory Delivered Under Budget

During preconstruction, E.E. Reed aligned the Architect, Owner, and our team to ensure budgets were maintained and in line with the design. Key subcontractors were brought in during the design phase and helped provide guidance to the design disciplines for building components and offered value engineering for Owner cost benefit. Preconstruction and construction was a 2+ year process culminating into a project delivered on time and under budget. This was accomplished by accurate estimating and early key subcontractor involvement.