Reserve at Sierra Pines I and II

Sierra Pines I: 

This three-story, 180,000 SF, suburban shell office building is constructed of tilt-wall with limestone veneer. This project features full-height curtain-wall glass with exterior sun control systems and architectural aluminum canopies. Interior improvements include first floor lobby mesquite wood panels, limestone flooring, and walls and ceilings in select architectural areas. LEED specific items include an air quality management plan, storm water quality, formaldehyde free and VOC-free products made with energy efficient design and local materials. Related site improvements include a 131,331 SF surface parking area and major infrastructure of roads and public utilities. This project received LEED Silver Certification.

Sierra Pines II: 

This six-story, 163,000 SF, tilt-wall office building features a Class-A interior lobby with wood paneling, back-painted glass, structural glass entries, and stone flooring and walls.  An enclosed connecting link features Class-A finishes similar to the lobby finishes.  A four-story, 165,000 SF, 500-car parking garage and all related sitework including upgraded landscaping package with zen gardens and ornate hardscape also was included. This project is currently pursuing LEED Silver Certification.


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Woodlands, TX


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