Design/Assist Fast Track

E.E. Reed Construction has for many years successfully employed the “Design/Assist Fast Track” construction management technique. The foremost principle in this concept is a team approach of the owner, architect and engineers and the construction manager with early and thorough communication between all team members.

Benefits of the Design/Assist Process

  • Overlapping of design work, estimating and construction, saving as much as three months from project conception to start of construction
  • Less confusion, since the owner, architect/engineer and contractor function as a team
  • From the preliminary budget, E.E. Reed’s total estimate and sub bids are available to the owner for review and cost analysis
  • Bring to your project intimate knowledge of state-of-the-art systems, local codes and
    regulatory stipulations, as well as, personal contacts to assist in the permit process
  • Perform life-cycle cost analyses to ensure the systems incorporated in the project provide the lowest operational costs in the long term